We are inspired by architecture, especially classical architecture. The careful consideration of classical design principles, such as balance and symmetry, proper scale and proportion, and axial planning resonate with us and impart a timeless appeal. We love the old, classically designed homes. They have a unique and magical character that silently speak “welcome home” when we enter them. Thay have stories to tell, and they connect us to our past. 

We are dedicated to bringing the Architect’s vision to reality with utmost care and sensitivity. Our craftsmanship, chisel marks, and brush strokes are expressed in the fulfillment of the Architect’s vision. Our commitment to excellence in detailing profoundly influences the expression of that vision.

The hidden qualities of our houses are just as important as the visual beauty. It is these qualities that protect the beauty and integrity of the home from the elements, as well as the health of those who live there.

Our goal is to build heritage homes that stand the test of time and create a mystery regarding their age. They are crafted for the enjoyment of the Owners as well as generations to come.

We encourage the use of building materials that age gracefully, and we are especially fond of discovering and using reclaimed building materials. These are elements that connect us to our past. The character of weathered wood, the patina of copper as it ages, the aged character of reclaimed materials such as handmade brick, slate, or terra cotta tiles are timeless and are especially beautiful. 100 year-old reclaimed roof tiles by Ludowici made the perfect roof for this stone pool pavilion.

We are committed to green building principles such as Indoor Air Quality, Energy efficiency, and Resource efficiency so that our clients can benefit from a very healthy home environment with significantly lower resource requirements.  This home received a gold certification through the National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Program. 

Our detailed and proprietary construction specifications are based on many decades of construction education and experience. They are one of the tools we use to ensure workmanship of the highest standards.